FlyExclusive launches carbon offset program via 4Air

By Doug Gollan, April 22, 2022

Fast-growing FlyExclusive is offering customers the ability to offset CO2 emissions via a new partnership with 4Air

FlyExclusive today announced its first carbon offset program.

Through a partnership with 4Air, FlyExclusive Club and Partner clients can opt-in to offset carbon emissions from their flights.

“Being part of a larger cause is a core value of FlyExclusive, and that includes our commitment to helping our company and customers become more sustainable,” said Tommy Sowers, President of FlyExclusive.

He continued, “As consideration around climate issues has become more widespread, many customers have sought ways to reduce the environmental impact of their private jet travel. We share our customers’ desire and are introducing this new program to give them opportunities to offset the carbon impact of their flying while contributing to a more sustainable future.”

The offset projects are focused on forestry along the East Coast.

FlyExclusive is the fifth-largest North American operator based on charter and fractional flight hours.

It recently announced a move into the fractional ownership segment and its first order for new private jets.

Its current model focuses on refurbishing preowned aircraft at its Kinston, North Carolina, home base.

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