Volato achieves 4Air Bronze sustainability rating

By Doug Gollan, April 23, 2022

Start-up fractional operator Volato has joined with 4Air to offer carbon-neutral private jet flights

Fractional private jet operator Volato has received a Level One Bronze Rating from 4Air, the company announced.

“We understand the airline industry’s contribution to carbon emissions, and at Volato, we feel it’s our responsibility to the community to ensure we’re doing our part to reduce them,” said Matt Liotta, CEO of the operator.

He added, “Partnering with 4Air has been an integral part of creating more sustainable service offerings, which is a foundational component of Volato’s corporate ESG program, and we’re grateful for their help in making all Volato flights carbon neutral.”

To earn the Level One 4Air Bronze Rating, Volato and their customers fund carbon offset projects, including forestry and renewable energy that reduce emissions equivalent to the emissions from flying.

Offsets are purchased in an amount equal to Volato’s footprint and retired in a public registry.

Projects are independently verified to industry-leading standards using carbon accounting methods in line with ICAO and the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

According to the company, all credits through 4Air are permanent, additional, verifiable, enforceable, and accurate.

“Volato is providing access to those who would like to make a sensible jump into private aviation,” said 4Air President Kennedy Ricci.

He added, “By partnering with 4Air, they ensure this access is sustainable with a simple and forward-looking solution for mitigating the impact of private air travel on climate change.”

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