FlyExclusive taps local vodka Social House

By Doug Gollan, April 28, 2022

North Carolina’s small-batch vodka Social House will now be offered complimentary to FlyExclusive customers

Kinston, North Carolina-based FlyExclusive, which has made the local community a major focus, is supporting neighbor small-batch Social House vodka.

The fifth-largest operator in North America based on fractional and charter flight hours will be taking Social House national, stocking it on its fleet.

The brand was previously offered only in North Carolina.

Social House is gluten-free, handcrafted using a pot still in Kinston.

The vodka is distilled six times before it is blended with water naturally purified over 10,000 years through the Black Creek aquifer. The company calls it “one of the smoothest vodkas due to its impeccable purity and clean taste.”

“FlyExclusive is always seeking opportunities to enhance the private flying experience for our clients,” said FlyExclusive President Tommy Sowers.

He added, “Social House is a world-class vodka that supports this goal while carrying the added benefit of being crafted locally in Kinston.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for Social House to build on that mission,” said Cary Joshi, Founder and President of Social House.

Earlier this month FlyExclusive made news with its first order of new aircraft and launching a fractional ownership program.

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