76% of countries still have some type of Covid travel restrictions in place, according to the International Air Transport Association

Covid travel restrictions are continuing to drive travelers to private jets. What’s more, Air Charter Service predicts lingering barriers will boost the private aviation charter market for the next two years.

More than three-quarters of the world’s nations still have Covid travel restrictions, according to IATA.

“The current number of countries imposing restrictions is still very high, and they range from closed borders to vaccination checks and testing requirements,” says Justin Lancaster, Group Commercial Director at Air Charter Service.

He adds, “We do not expect the situation to completely normalize within the next couple of years.”

As other variants arises, Lancaster predicts restrictions could be reimposed.

The barriers continue to drive flyers to go private.

“These restrictions, plus the other issues caused by Covid including delays due to the additional checks, staff shortages, a lack of commercial flights and frequent cancelations, are causing travelers to lose confidence and patience in scheduled services,” Lancaster says.

ACS which offers jet cards and on-demand charter says passenger charters are 37% above pre-pandemic levels.

Last year, the company hit a record sales mark at $1.8 billion.

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