OneFlight launches limited $25,000 BAJit memberships

By Doug Gollan, June 21, 2022

New joiners can use up to $25,000 in funds at OneFlight member rates without having to pay the normal fees

Jet card broker OneFlight International is offering a limited introductory membership for first-time customers.

The promotional OneFlight JetClub 25k BAJ Membership is a $25,000 funded account.

It allows new members to book flights without the normal $15,000 initiation fee or standard membership structure where you pay $50,000 for the right to fly 25 hours at discounted rates.

In the promotion, limited to 100 memberships, you can fly at the low member hourly rates using the $25,000 in funds.

You can roll over unused funds for use if you become a full member. Orphan funds are non-refundable and you can’t book over the $25,000 without joining the main program.

That said light jet pricing for specific models starts at under $5,000, plus tax. At the upper end a Phenom 300 is priced at $6,249 per hour.

The program allows, but doesn’t guarantee, members to select specific models with each model carrying a different hourly rates.

Members are guaranteed an aircraft within the category, and for this program there is a two-hour minimum across all category.

The normal OneFlight membership has a 60-minute minimum, including taxi time, on light and midsize jets.

OneFlight has also been busy adding celebrity ambassadors to its BAJit campaign.

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