Priester Aviation restarts Centerline jet card sales

By Doug Gollan, July 14, 2022

Priester is offering fixed rate jet cards on midsize, super midsize, and large cabin jets within the Continental U.S.

Chicago-based Priester Aviation has relaunched its Centerline Jet Card on an invitation-only basis.

It had halted sales to new customers last October as demand climbed to record levels, and then stopped renewals as well.

Priester Chairman Andy Priester tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “Our goal when we had originally launched Centerline was to control then the number of clients. What we saw over the past two years is some programs just got too big and service levels were challenged. It’s one of the reasons we were early edge to pause Centerline. Demand continues to stay strong. However, we think the supply side has stabilized and we have added to the fleet.”

Priester says the program had about 150 jet card members before stopping, and he says many have already signed back up

He adds, “Each traveler is unique. Their expectations, their travel patterns, and how they use their programs are unique, so we want to make sure we can live up to that commitment. The invite-only portion is after we understand their needs to ensure we can meet them.”

The Centerline Jet Card is sold in 25-hour blocks.

The revamped program has a call-out of 72 hours non-peak, up from 14 hours before the hiatus, and is in line with changes to other programs.

The program’s fixed hourly pricing is valid for flights to or from designated airports in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, St. Louis, and South Florida.

Deposits are refundable, and the number of peak days actually decreased – from 58 to 53, although that number is now inclusive of eight blackout dates.

Also of note, there is no light jet program anymore. Priester says, “For us, light jets is where we had the least demand, and these days, they are the hardest to find.”

Centerline uses both Priester’s managed fleet and third-party operators.

Full details are available in the updated Private Jet Card Comparisons database for paid subscribers.

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