First-flight free is back if you buy a 50-hour jet card from Alliance Aviation through the end of September

Alliance Aviation is bringing back its popular new member incentive first flight free promotion.

The offer gives new joiners a free flight for up to three hours in the jet card category you buy from the Northeast or Florida.

For buyers in the ultra-long-range category, the value could be as much as $50,000.

To qualify, you must buy a 50-hour jet card and prepay a 10% fuel surcharge.

Alliance is the broker arm of Part 135 Wing Aviation, which last year was the 18th largest operator in North America based on charter and fractional flight hours.

Alliance’s program is a hybrid, on-and-off fleet.

Light jet rates start at $6,495 per hour, plus FET and fuel surcharge.

Wing’s fleet includes six Global Express private jets and nine Gulfstream GIVP-SPs.

The company says a major fleet expansion is on the way.

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