Volato unveils HondaJet Stretch Jet Card for flexible flyers

By Doug Gollan, August 16, 2022

The as-available HondaJet jet card from Volato offers members flight credits for moving departure time and even airport

Start-up HondaJet fractional operator Volato is rolling out its first jet card. Like its fractional ownership program, it takes a different approach.

In this case, the big perk is a $5,500 hourly rate, including FET.

There are no blackouts and no advance notice period.

You call or email your flight request and tell them how flexible you can be in terms of departure, up to leaving the day before or after.

Volato promises a response within one business day.

They will either confirm, decline, or counter your request with an alternate departure time and possibly even a different airport.

Matt Liotta, Volato’s Co-Founder and CEO, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “If we ask you to stretch your schedule and you agree, we’ll reward you with Stretch Credits based on the difference between your requested departure time and the scheduled departure time, or if you are willing to depart from, or arrive to, an executive airport other than, but close to, your requested airport.”

Earning Volato Stretch Credits

If you accept the “stretch request,” Volato then compensates you with Stretch Credits.

To move your requested departure by a quarter day, you get a 6 minutes stretch credit. A half day yields 12 minutes of free flight time in the future.

If you allow Volato to move your flight by a full day, you get 24 minutes in Stretch Credits.

A change of airports yields 30 minutes of free flight time for in credits.

Even after a confirmed booking, Volato may come back and offer you Stretch Credits in exchange for your flexibility.

The program does include repositioning charges. The repositioning charge is based on the closest base to the departure airport. Current bases include KMTN, KPDK, KSGJ, KFXE, KHOU, and KCRQ.

You get a half hour in Stretch Credits for every hour of repositioning.

Stretch Credits don’t apply on peak days.

The new cards are being sold in units of 10, 25, or 50 hours.

They are valid for 24 months or until funds expire.

The fixed-rate service area is nationwide and within 100 miles of the U.S. coast.

Cancelations within 96 hours of the scheduled departure time are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Cancelations within 24 hours of scheduled departure time or 72 hours on peak days or for international travel are subject to a 100% cancelation fee.

The program is being positioned as low risk. Unused hours are refundable.

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