Air Charter Service adds ultra-long-haul hourly jet card rates

By Doug Gollan, August 25, 2022

Charter broker Air Charter Service is adding fixed-hourly rates on ultra-long-haul private jets to its Gold and Platinum Empyrean jet cards

U.K.-based charter broker Air Charter Service is adding ultra-long-haul private jets to its U.S. fixed/capped hourly rate jet card programs.

Air Charter Service sells two types of jet cards under the Empyrean moniker.

Platinum offers a 24-hour non-peak call-out and 48-hour non-peak cancelation.

Gold is 72 hours, and cancelations are per operator terms. For Gold, hourly rates are capped.

Now, in addition to light, midsize, super-midsize, and large private jet options, ACS adds an ultra-large-cabin choice.

While types will vary, the category includes the Bombardier Global 5000, XRS, 6000, Gulfstream G550, G650, and Dassault: 7X, 8X.

There will also be a 12-seat guarantee.

Hourly rates are $20,000 for Platinum and $18,500 for Gold.

ACS Vice President John Castellano tells Private Jet Card Comparisons adding the ultra-long-range jets is in response to demand for the segment.

“With increased popularity, interest, and requests in the Ultra Long Range aircraft class, coupled with our expertise to secure these aircraft globally as the world’s largest brokerage, we are excited to finally offer capped and predictable pricing in this category,” he added.

Full details are available for paid subscribers in our comparisons spreadsheet.

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