Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 40

By Doug Gollan, October 14, 2022

Florida private jet flights rebound after Hurricane Ian but remain below 2021 levels

Private jet flight activity rebounded from last week after Hurricane Ian, according to the latest data from WingX.

Global private jet departures increased 2% to 71,968 from last week, still 4% below 2021’s numbers.

Over the past month, there were 293,403 flights, up 0.3% compared to 2021.

In the U.S., Florida private jet flights were up 52% week-to-week and tracked 1% ahead of 2021.

In Europe, private flying was down 14% from Week 39 and 17% below last year’s levels.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 40

MarketWeek 40%Change vs. prior week%Change vs 202152- week highWeek52- week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks %Change vs. 2021
Global71,9682%-4%78,406W25 202259,546W02 2022293,4030.3%
North America55,7287%-2%62,572W14 202246,656W27 2022222,0312%
USA51,7027%-1%57,147W14 202242,240W27 2022206,0362%
Florida5,69452%1%10,600W8 20223,744W39 202219,078-3%
California4,8911%-7%6,391W7 20224,211W27 202219,565-3%
Texas5,270-1%0%6,176W10 20223,850W27 202221,4669%
Europe11,546-14%-17%17,559W26 20227,583W52 202153,090-11%
UK1,599-15%-11%2,334W26 2022894W52 20217,240-1%
Germany1472-14%-11%1,913W26 2022704W52 20216,784-6%
France1,777-20%-19%3,028W21 20221,045W52 20217,996-16%
Switzerland723-3%-21%1,209W21 2022637W48 20213,155-16%
Italy1,247-14%-4%2,352W28 2022456W1 20226,055-3%
Middle East1,316-11%-6%1,577W34 2022918W4 20225,68114%
Africa7346%5%857W19 2022495W52 20212,7843%
Asia2,090-9%16%2,286W12 20221,560W52 20218,29526%
South America1,27211%2%1,433W50 2021844W52 20214,8506%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

Global fractional and charter flights rebounded, up 7% week-to-week but still 11% below 2021 levels for the same period.

Last week’s fractional and charter numbers were under-reported due to an error in data collection processing, according to WingX.

In the U.S., fractional and charter flights climbed 13% to 27,148 departures, which was 9% below 2021.

U.S. charter and fractional flying tracked 10% under 2021 levels for the past month.

Part 135/91K – Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 40

Market (Part 91K & Part135)Week 40%Change vs prior wk%Change vs 202152- week highWeek52- week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks %Change vs. 2021
Global37,9847%-11%39,663W41 202131,964W2 2022148,416-11%
North America28,52413%-8%31,369W8 202223,038W35 2022107,792-9%
USA27,14813%-9%29,890W8 202221,964W35 2022102,809-10%
Florida3,28062%-2%6,065W52 20212,022W39 202210,251-11%
California3,0699%-12%3,970W7 20222,638W27 202211,768-12%
Texas2,40410%-4%2,671W10 20221,647W27 20228,931-3%
Europe8,567-10%-19%12,441W27 20225,530W52 202137,474-18%
UK1,196-9%-14%1,681W26 2022685W2 20225,178-9%
Germany1,056-11%-11%1,241W26 2022508W52 20214,648-11%
France1,297-16%-22%2,233W21 2022703W2 20225,676-22%
Switzerland537-1%-25%819W21 2022427W17 20222,255-22%
Italy970-11%-8%1,802W28 2022336W1 20224,581-11%
Middle East749-2%-15%882W34 2022319W3 20222,937-9%
Africa28655%9%180W13 202292W5 2022860-12%
Asia539-8%5%309W43 2021156W4 20222,11719%
South America5572%17%35W50 20218W47 20211421%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

After Hurricane Ian, Florida charter and fractional flights jumped 62% from the previous week.

Still, they were 11% below 2021’s record-setting pace for the trailing four weeks.

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