94% of all flyers who started using private aviation since Covid-19 plan to keep flying privately for the future

New research from Private Jet Card Comparisons affirms that once you fly privately, it’s hard to return to the regular airlines.

94% of subscribers who responded to the survey conducted in August and September and who started flying privately since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic plan to continue.

That’s down slightly from last year when the figure was 100%.

Also slipping was the number of new flyers who say they will use private aviation regularly.

That number dropped from 57.1% to 39.9%.

At the same time, the percentage of flyers who will stick with private flying once in a while boosted from 42.9% to 54.5%.

Private aviation users who were flying privately before Covid are planning to fly more than previously.

While 59.6% said their post-pandemic private flights will remain at a similar level, those flying more doubled those cutting back by a 28.5%-to-11.9% margin.

The survey garnered 571 respondes from paid subscribers.

Results are from The Jet Card Report by Private Jet Card Comparisons, which will be released later this year.

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