Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 46

By Doug Gollan, November 24, 2022

Florida private jet flight activity jumps 29% week-to-week ahead of Thanksgiving as global flight activity increases 8% week-to-week

After four weeks of declining numbers, global private jet flight activity in Week 46 saw a week-to-week 8% jump with 73,214 flights, still 3% below 2021, according to WingX data.

Over the past four weeks, private jet flights worldwide have been running 3% below last year.

U.S. private jet flight activity surges

The world’s biggest market, the U.S., increased 11% from last week, with 53,783 flights, 11% up week-to-week, and 2% behind 2021.

Florida (+29%) and California (+16%) saw significant week-to-week increases for the week ending Nov. 20, 2022. But even so, they were 4% and 6% under 2021 levels, respectively.

Moving across the pond, Europe continues to see red numbers. Its 9,256 flights marked a 5% week-to-week drop, 17% below 2021.

Asia, with small numbers – 2,659 private jet flights – nevertheless tallied an 18% week-to-week gain, 35% ahead of 2021.

Over the past month, Asia flying is 26% up on 2021.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 46

MarketWeek 46%Change vs. prior week%Change vs 202152- week highWeek52- week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks (Flights)%Change vs. 2021
Global73,2148%-3%78,503W25 202259,582W02 2022280,302-3%
North America58,59911%-2%62,573W14 202246,660W27 2022221,126-2%
USA53,78311%-2%57,147W14 202242,243W27 2022203,187-2%
Florida7,54129%-4%10,603W8 20223,744W39 202226,571-7%
California5,48716%-6%6,392W7 20224,212W27 202219,819-7%
Texas5,5905%-3%6,176W10 20223,850W27 202221,949-3%
Europe9,256-5%-17%17,608W26 20227,591W52 202139,181-17%
UK1,361-5%-12%2,336W26 2022894W52 20215,739-14%
Germany1,350-0.4%-13%1,915W26 2022704W52 20215,403-10%
France1,215-9%-19%3,032W21 20221,052W52 20215,281-15%
Switzerland610-11%-14%1,209W21 2022600W44 20222,567-20%
Italy751-13%-21%2,357W28 2022456W1 20223,497-16%
Middle East1,45710%16%1,599W34 2022926W4 20225,7587%
Africa789-2%9%876W19 2022508W52 20213,16415%
Asia2,65918%35%2,659W46 20221,589W52 20219,50526%
South America1,254-6%12%1,437W50 2021848W52 20214,9229%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

Fractional and charter operators also turned positive, with a 9% increase week-to-week, accounting for 36,909 flights for the week, 10% down from 2021.

The U.S., helped by the beginning of Thanksgiving holiday traffic, saw 27,649 charter and fractional flights, up 13%.

It was still an 8% decline from last year’s record levels.

Florida private jet flights were up 30% for the week, even if they were still 9% lagging behind 2021, while Texas saw a 17% week-to-week gain.

Part 135/91K – Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 46

Market (Part 91K & Part135)Week 46% Change vs prior wk% Change vs 2021Last 52 week highWeekLast 52 week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks (Flights)% Change vs. 2021
Global36,9099%-10%41,811W8 202231,911W2 2022142,459-11%
North America29,27312%-8%32,702W8 202222,967W35 2022110,136-8%
USA27,64913%-8%30,705W8 202221,948W35 2022104,194-9%
Florida4,27730%-9%6,327W52 20212,024W39 202215,133-13%
California3,41817%-11%4,095W7 20222,638W27 202212,373-11%
Texas2,3743%-11%2,734W10 20221,644W27 20229,214-10%
Europe6,583-4%-21%12,962W27 20226,186W52 202128,150-21%
UK961-3%-17%1,772W26 2022748W51 20214,068-20%
Germany932-1%-15%1,295W25 2022572W52 20213,781-13%
France871-7%-21%2,401W21 2022795W2 20223,757-19%
Switzerland442-8%-23%868W21 2022442W46 20221,882-26%
Italy582-11%-26%1,855W28 2022376W1 20222,683-20%
Middle East7909%15%927W43 2022481W4 20223,2273.5%
Africa256-18%2%321W13 2022160W35 20221,1476%
Asia72013%34%730W43 2022365W4 20222,67819%
South America58-30%9%71W48 202113W24 202227065%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

Europe’s charter and fractional operators continued declines, with flights down 4% from the previous week and 21% under 2021.

Asia’s 720 fractional and private jet flights popped 13% for the week, putting them 34% ahead of 2021 for the same period.

The year in review

Despite the positive weekly report, WingX’s Richard Koe says, “We have seen almost six consecutive months of falling bizjet flight activity in 2022 compared to 2021, taking demand well off the peaks of the Covid rebound, although the market still has a substantial gain versus pre-covid 2019.”

He adds, Directionally, Europe is seeing weakest trends, with the U.S. steady although charter demand is ebbing, while the Middle East and Asia still have strong growth compared to 2021.”

Looking at the whole year, Koe notes, “So far this year (through Nov. 20), global business jet and turboprop activity, measured in sectors flown, is 12% ahead of last year, 14% ahead of 2019.”

Meanwhile, dedicated freight activity is ahead of three years ago, with flights up 5%, although 3% below last year.

Scheduled airline activity continues to lag pre-pandemic, with flights 25% fewer compared to three years ago, even if 23% ahead of last year.

Focussing on the busiest global airlines (American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Ryanair), this year’s activity is 35% ahead of 2021 and still 4% below 2019.

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