Flexjet completes safety audit; adds to in-house maintenance staff

As flying continues above pre-Covid levels, Flexjet continues its focus on safety and operational integrity as it adds more maintenance techs.

By Doug Gollan, December 13, 2022

As flying continues above pre-Covid levels, Flexjet continues its focus on safety and operational integrity as it adds more maintenance techs

Directional Aviation’s Flexjet completed the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) Industry Audit Standard (IAS) audit for a record-setting seventh time, according to the company.

The fractional operator was the first company in the world to meet and pass the audit in 2009.

The audit recently added additional criteria.

In April 2021, the IAS added the evaluation of an operator’s compliance with FAR 14 CFR Part 5 SMS standards (the FAA SMS voluntary implementation program) and ICAO Annex 19 safety management.

Flexjet announced earlier this year its active conformance with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Safety Management System (SMS) and its 23rd Federal Aviation Administration Diamond Award of Excellence for Aviation Maintenance Technician Training.

Increasing Safety Protocols

In its ongoing efforts to detect and correct aircraft needs as early as possible, the company has adopted:

  • GE Digital’s Maintenance Insight software solution for its fleet operations, which detects aircraft and component degradation before even scheduled maintenance would catch it.
  • Transmission of flight data wirelessly and instantly upon touchdown. This initiative strengthens the company’s safety management system and makes Flexjet the only US-based fractional provider to apply this cutting-edge technology fleet-wide.

“Flexjet’s safety culture is present in everything we do, and this audit is among the accolades that confirm our commitment to providing the safest transportation for our aircraft Owners as well as our employees,” Flexjet CEO Michael Silvestro said in the announcement notice.

He added, “We are proud to lead the industry in seeking and achieving the highest standards of safety and compliance as well as maintenance excellence.”

The ACSF Industry Audit Standard is an all-encompassing aviation audit for Part 135 and Part 91 aircraft operators.

ACSF President Bryan Burns added, “Flexjet is truly a premier, elite operator. They maintain the world’s highest standards for safety and security by actively participating in SMS, ASAP, and FDM. Through the years, our criteria for IAS registry have become far more rigorous, making Flexjet’s commitment to its auditing standards that much more impressive.”

Hiring maintenance techs

Separately, Flexjet announced the graduation of its first class of Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) apprentices.

These 10 individuals completed 30 months of paid, on-the-job training while working alongside experienced and professional maintenance technicians.

Following completion of their apprenticeships, the candidates received their FAA-issued A&P licenses as well as an offer of full-time professional employment with Flexjet.

Executives say shortages of technicians have been increasing the amount of time airplanes remain on the ground.

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