Roam Maui VIP private jet service looks towards second year of West Coast flights

Roam Maui is filling the gap between first class and private jets on flights from the West Coast to Hawaii.

By Doug Gollan, December 13, 2022

Roam Maui is filling the gap between first class and private jets on flights from the West Coast to Hawaii

The airline experience continues to go downhill, and the price of private jet flights continues to increase. Membership by-the-seat provider Roam Maui hopes that bodes well as it enters its second year of operations.

“Roam Maui’s tagline is ‘Sitting comfortably between first class and private,’ which is an apt description of our value proposition for affluent homeowners on Maui,” Managing Partner David Young tells Private Jet Card Comparisons.

He adds, “We offer all the luxury and convenience of FBO to FBO travel, but with the economies of scale of first-class commercial. And the positive feedback from our members has been consistent; we offer a better overall flight experience than any other option available when traveling between Maui and the mainland”.

Maui Private Jet Routes

Current routes are to and from BFI-OGG, SJC-OGG, and LAX-OGG.

In terms of schedule, Young says, “The frequency matrix depends on membership growth married with seasonal demand. We began in the Spring with a single out and back per market per week. That increased to an average of 1.5 roundtrips per market a week in October and throughout the Festive Season and Spring Break. The frequency will keep pace with membership growth as demand warrants increased frequency. Memberships ultimately support the number of times we fly.”

The aircraft dedicated to Roam Maui are Boeing 737-700s with 44 seats available with complete interior refurbishments and configured with premium leather seating with footrests and 45 degrees recline.

There is a brand new galley with all new equipment, extra large lavatories, and overhead bins.

Reservations must be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

Since you are booking single seats, you save money compared to chartering an entire aircraft.

Roam Maui acts as an indirect air carrier in procuring air services for its members, handling reservations and concierge services.

Flights are flown under Part 380 Exemption from the Department of Transportation by licensed Part 121 direct air carriers.

The 737s it uses are staffed and operated by Hillwood Airways, a Perot Company established by Ross Perot, Jr.

At San Jose International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport, Roam uses Atlantic Aviation FBOs. At Boeing Field in Seattle, it uses Modern Aviation.

In Maui, flyers use Air Service Hawaii, located at Kahului Airport with a private hangar on the
private general aviation side of the runway next to the OGG Airport Fire Station.

Roam Maui Schedule

Starting in March, flights depart West Coast cities at 11 am local time. It’s a change from the previous 9 am departure.

“This is significant, as 30% of our current Member base come from outside Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, or Seattle, and many reach us via private solutions, then via jet-to-jet transfer at the FBO, and that audience, as well as those why travel commercially or have long drives to the FBO, had requested a few more hours to get to us,” Young says.

However, membership is limited.

You need to be a homeowner in the Kapalua Resort Association, Kaanapali Golf Estates, Makena Golf & Beach Club, Kula Community Association, or Wailea Resort Association.

Information about memberships is available in our Jet Sharing Guide for paid subscribers.

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