Katana adds Aero to XO, Blade on its jet-sharing platform

Start-up shared private jet platform Katana has added Aero to XO and Blade scheduled by-the-seat flights.

By Doug Gollan, February 1, 2023

Start-up shared private jet platform Katana has added Aero to XO and Blade scheduled by-the-seat flights

Katana, a New York-based start-up that is seeking to be an aggregator of by-the-seat and shared charter jet flights, has added Aero to its platform.

The platform launched in August 2021.

It originally allowed users to connect and sell or buy unused seats on their charter flights.

Last November, it added XO’s scheduled-by-the-seat flights using private jet terminals. Last month it added Blade, and today it added Aero.

Blade and Aero’s scheduled by-the-seat flights, like XO’s, offer customers the benefit of saving time at the airport by using FBOs and private terminals.

Typical prices range from under $1,500 to over $3,000 per seat.

Right now, XO and Blade offer scheduled flights between New York and South Florida.

Last month, Aero announced it was expanding from West Coast flights. It is adding services from Dallas to Los Cabos and Aspen.

Prices for the by-the-seat flights on Katana are the same as you get if you book directly.

An API updates availability on an hourly basis.

Co-founder Bryan Verona, an investment banker, says he started the website based on his own desires as a “budget-oriented private jet flyer who also flies commercially.”

He says the website makes money from memberships and affiliate fees.

Currently, there are around 500 members, with membership costing $10 per month or $100 per year.

Members can also form their own groups and list their flights only to members of their group if they wish.

A Katana is a long, single-edged sword used by Japanese samurai. The website’s tagline is “splitting planes, saving money.”

Verona says terms stipulate members who post seats need to be flying on Part 135-operated aircraft. It is also up to users to ensure that their charter, jet card, or membership contracts allow them to sell seats.

Currently missing from the by-the-seat options is JSX. A major player, it is positioned as an even more affordable option, with scheduled flights starting at around $200.

Also absent is Wheels Up, which markets jet sharing as a key benefit for members.

Verona declined to discuss if there are any discussions with either. He tells us, “All I can say is we would like every seat and plane where the customers want to share to be on the Katana system.”

For the time being, paid subscribers to Private Jet Card Comparisons can review the over dozen jet-sharing options in our guide to shared private jet flights.

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