These 9 Jet Card providers offer a 24-hour call-out

If you need to fly on short notice, these Jet Card providers offer next-day callouts at fixed rates with guaranteed availability.

By Doug Gollan, March 10, 2023

If you need to fly on short notice, these Jet Card providers offer next-day callouts at fixed rates with guaranteed availability

Private jet flyers who were used to booking with as little as six-to-12 hours’ notice have had to adjust their scheduling over the past two years. It has led some to move to fractional ownership.

Still, a handful of providers offer jet cards that offer guaranteed availability at fixed hourly rates on short notice.

While the callouts of six, eight, 10, and 12 hours are history – at least for the time being – these providers will allow you to reserve a jet with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

As of early March, the list is relatively short: Air Charter Service, Alliance Aviation, FlyExclusive, Jet Token, Magellan Jets, Manifest Travel Club, NetJets, Nicholas Air, and Vista Jet.

Jet Cards with 24-hour Callouts

Provider*Surcharge for 24-hour Call-outSourcing
Air Charter ServiceNoBroker
Alliance AviationNoHybrid
Jet TokenNoHybrid
Magellan JetsYesBroker
Manifest Travel ClubYesBroker
NetJetsNo – 24 hours’ only on leasesOperator
Nicholas AirNoOperator
Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons ; * Offers 24-hour callouts with fixed hourly rates and guaranteed availablity

Of the current providers, three are pure operator programs: FlyExclusive, NetJets, and Nicholas Air.

An additional trio are hybrid programs with a fleet but also using third-party operators significantly – Alliance Aviation, Jet Token, and VistaJet.

It’s worth noting that the NetJets offer is a minimum three-year lease commitment, albeit for just 25 hours per year.

While VistaJet’s new VJ25 program starts at 25 hours, it also requires a three-year commitment. Of course, it gives access to its fleet of Globals, allowing long-distance transoceanic flying.

Three providers will offer you fixed rates and guaranteed availability but at a premium – or surcharge. That group is FlyExclusive, Magellan Jets, and the new entrant Manifest Travel Club.

As a paid subscriber, you can easily compare these programs. Simply filter Columns L, AX, and CE on the PROGRAM DETAILS tab of our comparisons spreadsheet.

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