HondaJet operator Jet It and Honda Aircraft Company have reached a settlement in their litigation.

According to a statement by Honda Aircraft provided to the Triad Business Journal, “Honda Aircraft Company (HACI) and Jet It reached a confidential settlement agreement resulting in dismissal of the lawsuit. Jet It continues to remain an important customer to HACI, and HACI will continue to provide service and support.”

The OEM had filed a notice of dismissal on March 15, stipulating both parties would pay their own legal fees.

In the lawsuit, Honda alleged Jet It broke a Fleet Purchase Agreement (FPA). It allegedly resold a newly delivered HondaJet. I was also accused of providing the OEM with false and/or misleading information.

On October 14, Private Jet Card Comparisons reported Jet It planned to move to the Phenom 300 platform.

We then exclusively reported on a November 18 email letter from Jet It CEO Glenn Gonalez to shareowners slamming HondaJet, calling support and reliability as “shocking,” “disappointing,’” and “grossly inadequate.”

The email was in part to schedule sales calls to pitch the new Phenom 300 offering.

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