NetJets 2023 Pricing: 10 routes the private jet provider costs less than competitors

While competitors often market themselves as cheaper than NetJets, that’s not always true. Here’s where the world’s biggest private jet operator saves you money.

By Doug Gollan, April 19, 2023

While competitors often market themselves as cheaper than NetJets, that’s not always true.

The cost of flying with NetJets is often how other private jet flight jet providers measure their own jet cards and membership program. With the unit of Berkshire Hathaway recently reducing its blackout dates, here’s what you need to know about NetJets’ 25-hour program pricing in 2023.

It’s not unusual to see promotions from private jet companies claiming to be 30% cheaper than the world’s largest private jet operator.

While in many cases NetJets does cost more, that’s not universally true.

Here’s where you can fly NetJets for less.

Think short flights and international destinations.

First, the short flights. There are no daily minimums with its light and midsize types – the Phenom 300 and Citation XLS.

That means you are only charged for actual flight time and tax time.

For example, a 12-minute flight from Westchester County Airport in White Plains to Westhampton is charged as 24 minutes (12 minutes of flying and 12 minutes of taxi time).

By contrast, virtually all other providers have minimums on light and midsize jets between one and two hours, regardless of how short your flight is.

That means you pay the minimum.

As you can see from the table below, there are a number of popular short flights where the math works in NetJets’ favor.

NetJets 2023 Jet Card and Lease Pricing

RouteCabin SizeFlight MinutesNetJets 25-hour leaseNetJets 25-hour cardLowest Competitor Price
White Plains – WesthamptonLight12 $       3,949 $       4,462 $      7,165
San Jose – NapaLight15 $       4,443 $       5,020 $       7,165
Van Nuys – Santa BarbaraLight19 $       5,101 $       5,764 $       7,165
Boston – NantucketLight22 $       5,595 $       6,322 $       7,165
Naples – Key WestLight25 $       6,088 $       6,880 $       7,165
White Plains – NantucketLight27 $       6,417 $       7,251 $       7,165
Chicago Exec – Door CountyLight31 $       7,076 $       7,995 $       7,165
Dallas – HoustonMidsize31 $       8,047 $       9,027 $     10,259
Van Nuys – Las VegasMidsize34 $       8,609 $       9,657 $     10,259
Miami – Guatemala CityLight126 $     22,708 $     25,569 $     26,506
Source: Private Jet Card Comparisons

Moreover, when flying outside the U.S., NetJets doesn’t charge repositioning or surcharges within the primary and extended service area.

That means if you fly to destinations in Central America – or even Hawaii, NetJets is often less than other fixed-rate jet card programs, or at least in the same ballpark.

NetJets’ executives like to say if you are paying 10 times as much as it costs to fly first class, spend 12 times more for that NetJets experience.

While we won’t delve into the qualitative arguments of NetJets versus the rest of the field, purely looking at the bottom line, if you want the cheapest flights, sometimes, perhaps surprisingly, the road leads you to the unit of Berkshire Hathaway.

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