Jet card broker OneFlight International is rolling out 50 more of its 100k JetCards and offering a 10k bonus on the first 20

OneFlight International is adding 50 more of its $100,000 JetCard Membership 2.0s for sale.

It is also giving a $10,000 flight credit bonus on the first 20 it sells.

In March, OneFlight launched the new jet card as a limited-time offer.

Executive Vice President Mark Dismuke says the added inventory comes after “enormous success” with the launch.

There is no membership or joining fees, and like its BAJit program offers guaranteed availability and fixed hourly rates.

Earlier this year OneFlight reduced the daily minimums on its VLJs and Light Jets to 60 minutes, including taxi time.

It also dropped its variable surcharge on domestic flights. The surcharge was implemented instead of a fuel surcharge last year.

The Denver-based broker has been building its profile, using celebrities such as NFL Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway on a series of television commercials.

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