Jet.AI launches CharterGPT charter booking app

Now known as Jet.AI, the former Jet Token has launched a charter booking app that uses voice technology.

By Doug Gollan, July 31, 2023

Now known as Jet.AI, the former Jet Token has launched a charter booking app that uses voice technology

Las Vegas-based Jet.AI, formerly Jet Token, has launched a CharterGPT charter booking app.  

“CharterGPT is an impressive, real-world application of transformative AI technology that is friendly, knowledgeable, and fun to use,” said Mike Winston, Founder of Jet. AI.  

He added, “Through CharterGPT, we’ve brought new technology to industry, and from here, our goal is to continue to bring practical tools to market.”  

The press release states, “Through natural language processing, the CharterGPT app communicates with both consumers and charter operators to reduce the time spent by a broker as the human-in-the-loop.”  

The next iteration of the app, due in the Fall, is also expected to integrate with Stripe for payments, support automatic contract reconciliation between Jet.AI’s contracts with customers and contracts with operators, provide recommendations on preferred ground transportation, most efficient airport locations to travel in and out of, most opportune departure dates and more.  

For now, like virtually all broker interfaces, there is only estimated pricing.  

Jet.AI then must source the airplanes the old-fashioned way – via emails, phone calls, and whatever it takes.  

Like other brokers and platforms that claim to be the Expedia or Uber of private jets, you have to wait for hard quotes to be returned – the app says within four hours.

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Talk to me

However, the interesting part of the app is that it gives a window into the integrity of the AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI, which can generate human-like text based on context and past conversations.

In the Jet.AI version, you can type messages or use the microphone on your smartphone to ask a question or make a request.  

For example, you can say, “Book me a light jet from Miami Opa Locka Airport to Teterboro Airport on Tuesday.”  

You get a list of aircraft with estimated prices in a few seconds.  

While the result is similar to what many brokers offer, you save a few keystrokes by filling out various boxes.  

The app also suggests you can ask it questions, which I did.  

It was hit-and-miss.  

For example, it let me know a Citation CJ3 didn’t have the range to fly from Los Angeles to Maui.   However, when I asked, “Does the Latitude have the range to fly from New York to Los Angeles.”  

CharterGPT answered, “The Embraer Phenom 300, also known as the Latitude by some operators, absolutely has the range to make a non-stop flight from New York to Los Angeles. It has a maximum range of about 1,971 nautical miles, which translates to approximately 2,269 miles. The straight-line distance from New York to Los Angeles is 2,451 miles. However, in practice, wind and other factors can increase the actual flight distance, potentially requiring a fuel stop. If you’re interested in chartering a flight, I would be happy to help you find a quote.”  

When I asked the best airport to use if I had a meeting on West 30th Street in New York City, it gave me Teterboro Airport as the first choice.

However, when I was searching for flights and typed in New York, it only gave me LaGuardia, Kennedy, Newark, Stewart, and airports in Great Britain and Minnesota that are also in New York.

When I typed New York City, it told me, “Search result returned nothing.”

The CharterGPT app has been uploaded to the iOS store and is planned for release in early August, with the Android store release expected a few weeks later.

(Editor’s Note on Aug. 3, 2023, @ 4:40 PM – Jet.AI responded to our report, “We’re grateful for the favor when anyone reports a bug. Within a day of reading the article, we fixed all the issues mentioned and are looking forward to the release of the app into the iOS store later this week or early next.”)

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