Flexjet, VistaJet, Volato earn Robb Report Best of the Best status

Luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report’s 2023 Best of the Best list provides wins for Flexjet, VistaJet and Volato.

By Doug Gollan, August 17, 2023

Luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report’s 2023 Best of the Best list provides wins for Flexjet, VistaJet and Volato

What’s the best jet card program? Who has the best last-mile service? Which provider best gets you past that last mile of congestion to your final destination?


Robb Report’s 2023 Best of the Best has named Volato’s Stretch Card the best jet card program.

The magazine writes, “Launched last September, Volato’s Stretch Card is unique among the 80-odd types of jet cards currently on the market. It quickly boosted Volato’s disrupter status—it was first to build an all-encompassing fractional program around the very-light HondaJet for less-expensive short-haul travel—and now takes things a step further by rewarding free flight time to cardholders who are flexible with departure and arrival times and airports.”

“We are thrilled to have won the Robb Report’s Best of the Best jet card for the Volato Stretch Jet Card in today’s competitive market,” said Norm Katz, Executive Vice President of Sales at Volato.


The best place to get a meal in the sky is VistaJet, according to the magazine.

It says, “What differentiates VistaJet from its competitors is its obsessive focus on upscale cuisine. Seasonal offerings feature recipes from a dozen other chefs and restaurants around the world specifically designed for high-altitude dining while tailoring the menus to the routes and cultures of its clients.”


Of course, what’s the use of flying privately if you get stuck in traffic when you land?

While others are waiting for eVTOLs, Robb Report awards Flexjet for solving the issue now.

It reports, “Touch down in Manhattan and be immediately whisked to the Hamptons, for example, or from Palm Beach to Naples, or Miami to Nassau. Since Flexjet owns the helicopter fleet, it exercises a level of control in scheduling, staffing, and maintenance that no other private-jet firm currently has.”

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