Magellan Jets strikes partnership with Denison Yachting

Jet card and on-demand charter broker Magellan Jets is going out to sea partnering with yacht broker Denison Yachts.

By Doug Gollan, September 5, 2023

Jet card and on-demand charter broker Magellan Jets is going out to sea partnering with yacht broker Denison Yachting

Magellan Jets is partnering with yacht broker Denison Yachting.

Denison brings over 75 years of expertise in helping international boat buyers purchase or sell motor yachts, trawlers, sailboats, and super yachts.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our new partnership alongside Denison Yachting,” stated Joshua Hebert, CEO and Founder of Magellan Jets.

He added, “Working hand in hand with Bob Denison, we’ve discovered a shared commitment to excellence and a steadfast dedication to our fundamental values. Denison’s sterling reputation and deeply ingrained core principles harmonize seamlessly with our own. This synergy ensures that our clients are in for an unparalleled voyage, where every moment becomes a treasured memory.”

Denison, Founder & President of Denison Yachting, noted, “At Denison, we’ve always prided ourselves on delivering unparalleled yachting experiences. Magellan mirrors that commitment in the aviation world. Together, we’re crafting a seamless blend of luxury on water and in the air. It’s the next chapter in our journey, and it feels right.”

Jennifer Welker Peacock, Manager of Brand Partnerships at Denison Yachting, said, “It’s about continuing to help create memorable, first-class experiences for our clients in tandem with a company who strives to do the same for theirs. Coinciding with the peak travel season in the Med, as well as the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show, the timing of this collaboration underscores its significance and the value we place on timely, premium experiences.”

Denison operates out of over 20 offices with a team of over 90 licensed and bonded yacht brokers.

Magellan offers a variety of jet cards and memberships.

Recently, it established a 15-hour jet card as part of its ongoing portfolio.

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