US Sailing promotes discount for AeroVanti Yacht Club (No Joke)

US Sailing is promoting a 50% discount to its members for AeroVanti Yacht Club, ignoring its CEO is under DOJ indictment for fraud.

By Doug Gollan, September 29, 2023

Let’s assume the good folks who run US Sailing are out at sea and don’t have internet access when it comes to promoting AeroVanti Yacht Club.

According to an email received by Private Jet Card Comparisons, the governing body of sailing in the United States sent a special offer to its members, enticing them to join with their yacht club partner.

Limited to 150 US Sailing members, each will get 50% off the $2,500 monthly AeroVanti Yacht Club membership dues, according to the email.

There is an undisclosed initiation fee (email promotion below).


The lead into the email reads:

“AVYC, the official Aviation Club Partner of US Sailing, are thrilled to offer an exciting new member benefit!

AVYC offers a private aviation membership club that prioritizes luxurious, hassle-free travel at a fraction of the competition’s cost. In addition, AVYC members have exclusive access to the entirety of their vehicle fleet, including private aircraft and the newly announced AVYC yachting club. 

Through this exclusive member benefit, the first 150 US Sailing members to apply to AVYC can take advantage of a host of benefits, including 50% off membership dues, access to their luxury yachts, performance sailing, and more.”

Of course, AeroVanti, the private aviation membership club, remains grounded as its former CEO and founder, Patrick Britton-Harr, faces a DOJ indictment for Medicare fraud.

His former company, the private jet membership firm, has a half-dozen lawsuits from members charging frauding. 

However, Britton-Harr is apparently still hawking yacht memberships per the AeroVanti Yacht Club website (below).

AeroVanti Yacht Club

The private jet club he started remains grounded with up to $50 million in liabilities, although it is planning a restart.

Interestingly, new CEO Scott Hopes says a chunk of the money owed was for expensive sponsorships, including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Cubs.

Hopes recently told us that the AeroVanti name belongs to the private aviation membership entity and is being used by the yacht club without permission.

US Sailing executives did not respond to requests for comment about the email promotion, which was sent on Sept. 28.

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