VistaJet Wellness promises before, during, and after flight healthy living

Partnerships with experts and experience-makers are part of VistaJet’s new well-being programming from the time you book to vacations.

By Doug Gollan, October 24, 2023

VistaJet is launching a new initiative under the VistaJet Wellness banner.

The program covers before your flight, inflight, and after you land.

• Pre-flight — consult with a VistaJet nutritionist on the best foods to eat before and
during the flight to pre-order in-flight meals that work for you and your mission ahead.
• In-flight — from ergonomic seating on the game-changing Global 7500 aircraft to assist
posture to meditation, breathing apps, and wellness dining menus to rejuvenate and restore.
And relax and onboard products from leading wellness brands, including Guerlain’s.
Orchidée Imperial collection and JING teas served on board.
• Post-flight — wellness guides created by leading physician Dr Jordan Shlain and his team
at Private Medical provides tips, exercise, and guidance for maintaining optimal well-being after flying.

Via VistaJet’s Private World, you can access wellness practices at their source and benefit from exclusive partner offerings with world-leading institutions, brands, and experts.

“Using our resources, knowledge, and network, we can really support our members, particularly those who spend a lot of time in the air. When flying is part of your life or business routine, we want to make sure it is a moment that adds value,” says VistaJet CMO Matteo Atti.

Wellness travel experiences

The unit of Vista Global is also proposing a slew of wellness-focused travel experiences:

• Nepal and Bhutan with Pelorus — A 21-day spiritual expedition through the heart of
Buddhism, with prayer sessions, a helicopter ride to Mount Everest base camp for hiking,
monastery visits, and traditional rituals for body health.
• Sacred Valley, Peru, with The Luminaire — Meet with a local plant medicine Shaman
to absorb the energy of ancient lands, all in the privacy of your casita tucked behind the
Andean highlands.
• Switzerland with Clinique Nascens – Exclusively designed post-flying treatments and
retreats to rejuvenate the mind and body. Leading medical campus with an innovation hub.
• Ibiza with Six Senses Rosebar – A biohacking retreat dedicated to increasing longevity
through promoting cellar function and healing. Treatments tailored to your body’s needs.
• Sweden with The Luminaire — An all-natural detox and cold-water therapy
guided by Wim Hoff experts to reboot cells and performance endurance.

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