GrandView Aviation's transplant flights to be featured on Smithsonian Channel

GrandView Transport, the organ transport unit of GrandView Aviation, will be the focus of Sunday’s ‘On the Fly: Adventures in Altitude’ on Smithsonian Channel.

By Doug Gollan, November 16, 2023

GrandView Aviation will be featured on the Smithsonian Channel’s “On the Fly: Adventures in Altitude” this Sunday, November 19 at 9 p.m. EST.

The episode “It’s About Time” highlights its GrandView Transplant, a leader in lifesaving organ transplant transportation services.

The segment focuses on the collaboration between surgeons from the University of Maryland Medical Center and experts from GrandView Transplant and Infinite Legacy, an organ procurement organization.

“The dedicated teams at GrandView Transplant play a critical role in ensuring the success of lifesaving organ transplant missions,” said Randy Strozyk of Global Medical Response, which owns the charter operator.

He continued, “We are proud to be able to give audiences the unique opportunity to watch the minute-by-minute coordination that goes into such complex medical and aviation operations.”

Infinite Legacy CEO Charlie Alexander added, “We were proud to work with our friends at UMMC and GrandView Aviation to show the world the complexity involved and timeliness required to match a donor with a recipient and transplant team.”

Viewers will also witness the e behind-the-scenes efforts of University of Maryland Medical Center surgeons who not only help to transport donated organs but then work diligently to perform life-saving transplant surgeries.

“Organ transplantation represents a remarkable triumph of human compassion and medical science,” said Daniel G. Maluf, MD, FAST, a transplant surgeon at the University of Maryland Medical Center and Professor of Surgery and Director of the Program in Transplantation at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Private aviation operators execute over 15,000 flights per year for humanitarian reasons, according to Climbing Fast.

GrandView offers an as-available jet card on its fleet of Embraer Phenom 300s.

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