Amalfi Jets teases app; plans to enter Part 380 shared charter

Los Angeles-based private jet charter broker Amalfi Jets wants to enter the jet sharing and by-the-seat market via its app.

By Doug Gollan, February 14, 2024

Amalfi Jets has set March 4 as the launch date for its first customer app.

Version 1 of the app enables current and non-members to book charter flights, track account balances, view, and book from a weekly list of 100-300 empty legs, join the Amalfi One Jet Card or Amalfi Reserve Membership, and chat directly with its Concierge Team.

Additional features include viewing and editing itineraries for upcoming flights.

“Our company is rooted in the strong relationship we have with our client base, and we are proud to have worked so closely with them in designing the app,” said CEO Kolin Jones.

Version 2 of the app, planned to come out in Q3 of this year, will allow users to connect with other members, create shared and crowdfunded flights, and explore new member benefits added to the program.

“We are incredibly excited for Version 2 as this will create a much more interactive environment for our clients and provide them with more ways to charter aircraft and fly,” Jones added.

Part 380 shared charter

Version 3 enables Amalfi Jets to enter the Part 380 charter market.

“What this means is that Amalfi will sell charters by the seat on highly traveled routes, made exclusively for Amalfi Members. This is tentative, subject to approval and internal unit economics calculations,” according to the company.

Seven industry groups are opposing possible government changes to the jet-sharing rules.

The FAA has not set a date for issuing its recommendations.

So far, the Los Angeles-based broker has been making space in the market via a focus on service as opposed to technology.

It includes complimentary black car transfers, full catering with complimentary alcohol, and an in-person representative at every departure airport.

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