Membership is a must for private jet flyers

Private jet flyers benefit from joining Private Jet Card Comparisons by accessing quantitative data to compare fractional and jet card options.

By Doug Gollan, May 8, 2024

Becoming a Private Jet Card Comparisons member is a must for private jet users, from full and fractional owners to those just trying to figure out the market for the first time.

Membership in Private Jet Card Comparisons gives you access to unduplicated data covering over 80 fractional, jet card, and membership providers.

Members can compare over 1,000 program options based on more than 65 variables, including pricing, that impact which programs and providers best suit their needs.

The QUICK COMPARE FLIGHT PRICING calculator factors in the cost of ownership for fractional options, membership costs for jet cards, daily minimums, fuel surcharges, and other costs that impact the price of flights.

The database has been updated over 80 times just in 2024.

Members can also request a custom analysis that provides a report based on their specific flying needs.

The report identifies the providers and specific programs that best fit their needs.

Members also receive access to Premium Content, stories designed to help save them money when flying.

If you don’t need an entire jet, there is also a guide to jet-sharing and by-the-seat private options.

The annual subscription is $500 and includes personal 1-to-1 support, including the ability to schedule phone consultations.

Subscribe today here.

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