LunaJets plans growth after management revamp

Geneva-based LunaJets has unveiled a new management structure as it plots expansion in aircraft sales, and group charter.

By Doug Gollan, May 26, 2024

Private jet charter, aircraft sales, and management company LunaJets is preparing for continuing growth in multiple business lines with a wide scale expansion of its management.

Over the past five years, the Geneva-based private jet flight provider has added offices in London, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Riga, Monaco, and Dubai.

CEO Eymeric Segard, who founded LunaJets in 2007, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons the promotions and new structure will provide a platform “to further grow, expand, and gain market share.”

Here is a rundown of the changes:

Guillaume Launay becomes Group Managing Director.

Luanay, 33, will oversee all global operations from the Geneva headquarters.

He joined the company eight years ago as a Junior Sales after graduating from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

Eriks Ziverts will take on the Global Head of Sales role, covering the eight offices worldwide, in addition to his duties as Managing Director of the Riga Office.

Ziverts, 28, joined six years ago as an intern after graduating from Coventry University with a degree in Aviation Management.

Augustin Annecca, who is 25, is now Head of Operator Relations with private jet and group charter operators while continuing as Managing Director of LunaJets France.

Raphael Heydemann is appointed Head of Special Operations.

Heydemann, age 31, is based in Geneva and will oversee complex flight projects such as transcontinental, domestic Africa, South America, Middle East operations, and warzone flights and evacuations.

He joined LunaJets in 2018 after graduating from Les Roches Global Hospitality University.

The new Head of Business Development is Pierre Guillet, based in the Paris office.

He continues to manage the group’s strategy in addition to his new responsibilities.

Guillet, 28, will lead the team focused on customer retention and lead activation.

He started his career in the concierge industry in Paris and Cape Town after graduating from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

LunaJets growth

LunaJets has also launched The LunaGroup Charter and LunaSolutions Management teams.

Appointments include:

Remi Aubin, 38, will now further develop the group charter offering, which targets flights with 19 or more passengers.

He continues as Group Charter Director in Paris.

Tomas Camprubi, 29, is the Managing Director of LunaJets UK in London and is responsible for the Sales and Acquisition unit, LunaSolutions.

Camprubi joined the company in 2021 from a high-end real estate private equity background.

Finally, Carlos Matallana, 41, joined LunaJets last year from Gestair as the Managing Director of LunaJets España in Madrid. He is now responsible for LunaSolutions, the company’s sales and acquisition business unit.

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