LunaJets adds aircraft acquisitions, group and cargo charters

By Doug Gollan, May 21, 2022

Geneva, Switzerland-based charter broker LunaJets is expanding into private jet sales, group charters, and cargo charters

Off a record year with $110 million in revenues in 2021, Geneva, Switzerland-based LunaJets is expanding. The on-demand charter broker has added aircraft acquisitions, group charters, and cargo charters to its offered services.

Eymeric Segard, CEO of Luna Jets, tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, that whole aircraft sales is a natural add-on.

Eymreic Segard Luna Jets
LunaJets Founder and CEO Eymeric Segard is adding aircraft acquisitions, group charter, and cargo charters to his on-demand private jet brokerage.

As a high-volume charter broker, he says, Luna Jets has actual sales data it can share with customers who are considering a private jet purchase, but wish to offset expense by making their aircraft available on the charter market.

He says that data is critical since third-party industry sources often underestimate expenses and overstate how much income a jet owner is likely to receive.

With its target of existing charter customers, Segard says Luna Jets can help them strategically plan upcoming charter flights, booking the aircraft types they are considering to buy.

“You can see an airplane at a static display, but until you fly several times, you really don’t get a full sense of the experience,” he says.

Group and Cargo charters

Additionally, Luna Jets will has launched group charters and cargo charters.

On-demand charter are often principals at businesses they own or run. Segard says this has opened the door to add the new segments.

“We tell them we can now help them move time-sensitive parts or materials, and since they are happy with our services as a private jet broker, they introduce us in their company. It’s very natural,” he says.

Stormy skies ahead?

Despite Luna Jets growth, Segard is guarded in his outlook.

“I don’t believe in the current euphoria and see more risks ahead four our industry. Either the current trend lasts, and the market faced a major supply issue, or it reverse dramatically and faces a new wave of bankruptcies,” he predicts.

He calls 2021 a “wild pendulum,” and adds, “I don’t see any indication of a soft landing.”

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