LunaJets renews Argus charter broker certification

Geneva, Switzerland-based on-demand private jet charter broker LunaJets has received Argus certification since 2015.

By Doug Gollan, May 30, 2024

LunaJets has been recertified as an Argus-accredited broker for the fifth time.

The Geneva, Switzerland-based company became the first private jet charter broker outside the U.S. to be certified in 2015.

“Receiving the fifth Argus certification is a significant milestone for LunaJets,” says Eymeric Segard, CEO and Founder (pictured right with Ed Wandall of Argus, center, and Kabir Sehmi of LunaJets).

He adds, “This certification is a testament to the team’s dedication and the trust clients place in them. It reflects their commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, safety, and transparency.”

Attaining the certified status followed an audit of the company’s procedures, operator ratings, truthful marketing, and adherence to a code of ethics meet the strictest industry standards, and their compliance with Swiss financial reporting laws ensures transparency and reliability.”

Included is a review of operational procedures, from booking to post-flight follow-up.

LunaJets announced a management revamp to expand the group charter and aircraft sales segments earlier this week.

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