Why private jet ownership is becoming an option for 50 hours per year fliers

Farmingdale, Long Island-based Ventura Air is making a case that you don’t need to fly 400 hours per year to own your own private jet


It used to be there was a fairly standard way to look at private aviation solutions. If you were flying under 25 hours per year, an on-demand charter was the way to go. Jet cards were for 25 to 50-hour fliers, while those between 50 hours and 400 hours you were in the red zone for fractional ownership and leasing. Only if you or your company needed over 400 private flight hours per year would full ownership make sense. 

JetSmarter desktop booking goes live

JetSmarter has made its scheduled private services more accessible by allowing bookings without using its app


JetSmarter said after yesterday you no longer need its app to book scheduled private jet flights. Private Jet Card Comparisons reported that desktop reservations were in development last month.

Air Partner gets a “buy” rating following strong annual numbers

The U.K.-based seller of jet cards and on-demand charter is winning back financial analysts


After its three-year-old, multi-million dollar accounting blunder surfaced earlier this year and a longer than expected internal review resulted in Air Partner suspending trading in its stock for 10 days in early June, the question was how long would it take to win back the hearts or at least buy ratings of financial analysts? Following the publication of what it described as strong annual results, the answer was less than two months as Gerald Khoo of Liberium today posted a “buy” rating for Air Partner. 

Comparing Fractional Jet Cards: NetJets vs. Flexjet

The two biggest players in fractional jet ownership have different approaches to the jet card segment


The vast majority of jet cards are marketed by charter brokers, however, two of the most prominent names in the jet card space – NetJets and Flexjet – are in fact fractional aircraft operators with their principal business selling fractional shares and leases in whole aircraft. Fractional ownership entails a commitment of three to 10 years whereas, with jet cards, we have seen programs with commitments starting as few as 10 hours and $25,000. 

ONEFlight International offers a 5-hour introductory Light Jet card priced at $15,000

The Englewood, Colorado-based jet card membership program offers guaranteed one-way hourly prices on more than 50 aircraft types from the King Air to a Gulfstream G650


One drawback of many jet cards is you choose a category of the private jet, typically Light Jet, Midsize Jet, SuperMid and Heavy Jet and while many programs allow you to upgrade or downgrade your category, the provider can give you any aircraft in that category that fits its sourcing criteria. Fleet operators and fractional jet card programs, as well as a few broker programs, allow you to select aircraft types, however, ONEFlight enables its customers to choose from over 50 aircraft types, each with its own hourly rate. Even better, you can choose whichever aircraft type you want for every trip.