Private jets benefiting from European airline and airport chaos

airport delays

Private jet brokers and operators say airline and airport chaos in Europe is increasing demand as they struggle with similar issues

Disruptions from strikes to labor shortages, cancelations, and delays are driving private jet demand in Europe.

Covid travel restrictions will continue to drive private jet usage

people sign traveling blur

76% of countries still have some type of Covid travel restrictions in place, according to the International Air Transport Association

Covid travel restrictions are continuing to drive travelers to private jets. What’s more, Air Charter Service predicts lingering barriers will boost the private aviation charter market for the next two years.

Airlines may be giving private jets another boost

blue tat bus

Short of staff at their regional partners, the big airlines are cutting schedules and replacing airplanes with buses

Are you flying to Lehigh Valley Airport, Pennsylvania, or Fort Collins, Colorado? According to Bloomberg and Best Life, American Airlines and United Airlines have replaced your airplane with a bus.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 14

planet earth

Global private jet flight activity increases 5% in Week 14 after five straight week-to-week declines

After five straight week-to-week drops in global private jet flight activity, Week 14 saw 5% week-to-week growth compared to Week 13.

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