Private jets benefiting from European airline and airport chaos

airport delays

Private jet brokers and operators say airline and airport chaos in Europe is increasing demand as they struggle with similar issues

Disruptions from strikes to labor shortages, cancelations, and delays are driving private jet demand in Europe.

LunaJets adds aircraft acquisitions, group and cargo charters

Luna Jets

Geneva, Switzerland-based charter broker LunaJets is expanding into private jet sales, group charters, and cargo charters

Off a record year with $110 million in revenues in 2021, Geneva, Switzerland-based LunaJets is expanding. The on-demand charter broker has added aircraft acquisitions, group charters, and cargo charters to its offered services.

European private jet broker says “a perfect storm” is ahead


Private jet broker LunaJets says a deficit of long-haul flights and business travel will make for a painful downturn this Fall

While some private jet charter brokers have been accused of overhyping the recovery, Geneva, Switzerland-based LunaJets is apparently not in that category.

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