Flexjet details European fractional expansion plans


Flexjet’s European fleet could triple in the next several years, says International Managing Director Marine Eugene

After outlining the imminent additions of more Embraer Praetor 600s and now the Gulfstream G650 to is European fleet, Directional Aviation’s Flexjet see more growth opportunities.

Flexjet expands Praetor 600s, Gulfstream G650s in Europe

Gulfstream G650

Directional Aviation’s Flexjet is continuing growth of its fractional ownership program in Europe by adding to its fleet there

Flexjet is expanding its European fleet following a 180% increase in activity so far this year. The announcement comes ahead of EBACE starting Sunday in Geneva, Switzerland.

PrivateFly jet card sales soar 258% in Q1


Directional Aviation’s European jet card and charter broker PrivateFly says demand for guaranteed availability and fixed prices is on the rise

European jet card and on-demand charter broker PrivateFly said jet card sales spiked 258% in the first quarter of 2022. March set a record for jet card sales, according to the company.

PrivateFly revamps jet cards as Flexjet moves to fractional focus in Europe


In Europe, Directional Aviation’s PrivateFly is upscaling its jet card product as Flexjet returns to its fractional focus

PrivateFly has revamped its jet card line-up as sister Flexjet stops selling jet cards in Europe.

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