6 small changes that have a big impact on your final private jet flight cost

Private Jet Card Comparisons Flight Price Comparison Tool

Beyond your hourly rate, these six factors can impact by thousands of dollars what your private jet flight costs

The cost of your private jet flight can change significantly even if your contracted hourly jet card or membership rate stays the same.

FlyExclusive switches approach to fuel surcharges, shorter call-outs


With large contractual fuel surcharges pending, FlyExclusive is offering members a new option to mitigate the impact

FlyExclusive is tweaking its Jet Club jet card program. It isn”t adding a fuel surcharge. It is changing its fixed hourly rates so they slide up and down on a monthly basis based on fuel prices in the previous month.

Private Jet Card Comparisons adds Jet Fuel Cost and Surcharge Calculator

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The free jet fuel cost calculator allows private jet flyers to quickly figure hourly fuel costs and estimated fuel surcharges for over 50 private jet types

Private Jet Card Comparisons has added a Jet Fuel Cost and Surcharge Calculator free for visitors to PrivateJetCardComparisons.com.

Private Jet Fuel Cost Per Hour (in gallons)

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How much fuel do private jets use?

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