Sentient Jet is extending the non-peak lead time to book from 24 to 48 hours and implementing fuel surcharges to current members

According to an email sent to members, Sentient Jet is implementing two changes to its jet card programs.

Officials didn’t respond to a request for comment or confirmation.

However, a message sent to members stated the adjustments would go into effect on May 25, 2022.

Sentient’s non-peak booking will move from 24 to 48 hours. In September, Sentient had increased call-outs from 10 hours to 24 hours.

Lead time for non-peak flights to Bermuda, the Caribbean, and Mexico goes from 72 to 96 hours.

Peak day bookings remain at just 120 hours.

An analysis of over 250 programs in the Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database found the average non-peak lead time to book fixed or capped hourly rates increased to 62.2 hours at the end of Q1 2022, up 168% from December 2019, when the average for jet memberships was 23.2 hours.

According to the message from Sentient, fuel surcharges will now be extended to current members. When Sentient rolled out fuel surcharges in March, they only applied to new joiners or for renewals.

Sentient said the fuel surcharges are a result of increases it is absorbing from the operators in its network. “We are trailing the market…but it has now become necessary,” according to the document reviewed by Private Jet Card Comparisons.

VistaJet’s XO implemented a fuel surcharge in January. It has also reduced the applicable international destinations for its Elite Access fixed-rate program.

Wheels Up, Jet Linx, Jet Aviation, VistaJet, and Jet Edge had surcharges or recently added them among leading operators selling jet cards. Magellan Jets, a key jet card broker, also added fuel surcharges.

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