Wheels Up revises price and program rules effective June 1

Wheels Up

Wheels Up hourly cost, minimums, guaranteed days, and fuel surcharges will change on June 1, 2022, including a carbon offset charge

Existing Wheels Up members can put more funds down under current terms until the end of May

Wheels Up is making the second significant update to its jet card membership program in six months. But, once again, it will allow existing members to put down more funds and new members to join under current terms until the new rules and pricing go into effect on June 1, 2022.

Sentient increases call-out to 48 hours

Sentient Jet

Sentient Jet is extending the non-peak lead time to book from 24 to 48 hours and implementing fuel surcharges to current members

According to an email sent to members, Sentient Jet is implementing two changes to its jet card programs.

Outlier Jets adds fuel surcharge

Fiskerton Airfield oil well

Jet card broker Outlier Jets is the latest provider to add extra charges due to surging fuel prices

Outlier Jets becomes the second jet card provider to add fuel surcharges this week after Sentient Jet. Magellan Jets, Wheels Up, XO, and VistaJet have all added the extra fees recently.

Sentient Jet adds fuel surcharge

Sentient booking app

Sentient joins XO, Wheels Up, VistaJet, and Magellan Jets as the latest jet card seller to add a fuel surcharge to its hourly rates

Directional Aviation’s Sentient Jet is the latest jet card seller to add a fuel surcharge.

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