European jet card seller GlobeAir launches new branding, expands the fleet

Globe Air European jet card

The European jet card operator is expanding its fleet of Cessna Citation Mustang private jets

Austria-based GlobeAir AG has launched a new brand image. Additionally, it is adding four Cessna Citation Mustangs previously operated by Wijet expanding its fleet by 25%.

European very light jet operator GlobeAir AG which uses a fleet of owned Cessna Citation Mustangs to provide jet cards and sell on-demand charter is expanding its fleet and giving itself a new look.

Two of the four new additional aircraft, which were formerly operated by Wijet, will be operating by the summer, according to GlobeAir officials. Currently, there are no plans for more airplanes, meaning that when all are flying, the operator will have a fleet of 20.



GlobeAir Executive Overview

Year Founded2007
LeadershipFriedrich Huemer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Markus Huemer, Member of the Supervisory Board
Gisela Edelbauer, Member of the Supervisory Board
Bernard Fragner, Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Berdoz, VP Sales and Marketing
Ricardo Santana, VP Business Operations
Diego Durjava, VP Flight Operations
Gerda Aufreiter, VP Corporate Finance
HeadquartersLinz, Austria
Jet Card Hourly PricesCitation Mustang very light jets from 3,900 euros per hour
Related ProductsOn-demand Charter, Empty Legs
Related CompaniesNone

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GlobeAir offers on-demand charter, empty legs, and jet cards in Europe and North Africa using its fleet of owned 20 very light Citation Mustang jets. The company has three Jet Card offerings with guaranteed one-way and roundtrip pricing. It also offers vacation packages and VIP packages to major events such as F1 races and music festivals.

When was it founded?


Who owns it?

It is privately held

Who is the CEO?

Bernhard Fragner

How are the aircraft sourced?

Its own fleet

What are the initiation and membership fees?

There are no initiation or membership fees

What is GlobeAir’s entry-level program?

Jet Cards start at 25 hours

Does GlobeAir provide guaranteed availability?


Is the hourly rate guaranteed?


Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?

Based on availability

What is the company website?

Where is its headquarters?

Linz, Austria

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