GlobeAir extends Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake partnership


GlobeAir extends F1 Alfa Romeo partnership; offers unique driving experiences

European very light jet operator GlobeAir has extended its partnership with Alfa Rome F1 Team Stake.

GlobeAir signs MOU with Lilium for 12 eVTOLs

GlobeAir Lilium

European VLJ jet card operator GlobeAir follows NetJets and Flexjet in selecting an eVTOL for a last-mile strategy

European charter operator GlobeAir has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with eVTOL manufacturer Lilium N.V. The intention is to purchase 12 aircraft.

GlobeAir adds Climate JetCard carbon offset option


European very light jet operator GlobeAir is allowing members to offset carbon emissions to its standard jet card options via its new Climate JetCard

European Citation Mustang operator GlobeAir is upping its green credentials with its new Climate JetCard option.

GlobeAir weighs Citation M2 Gen2, HondaJet as Mustang replacement


European very light jet jet operator GlobeAir will make a decision this Fall to replace its fleet of 25 Cessna Citation Mustangs

GlobeAir will decide later this year on a replacement for its current fleet of 25 Cessna Citation Mustangs.

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