Luxury Aircraft Solutions makes the Inc. 5000

Luxury Aircraft Solutions offers jet cards starting at just 5 hours


Luxury Aircraft Solutions, Inc. has made it onto Inc. 5000’s list for 2018 of fast-growing companies based on revenue growth. Companies are ranked based on a three-year period according to percentage revenue growth. This is the first year that Luxury Aircraft Solutions has made the list. 

Luxury Aircraft Solutions introduces a 5-hour jet card

The breadth of the jet card product continues to expand. Originally in two flavors – 25 or 50 hours – there are now ongoing offerings starting at just 5 hours and up to 100 hours


In the decade since the Great Recession, the number of jet cards and programs has more than doubled. One driver is that once you choose a jet card provider, it’s the easy way to charter. Jet cards with fixed one-way rates and guaranteed availability enable you to fly with one phone call knowing ahead of time how much it will cost. We’ve seen the entry point for jet cards fall down to just 10 hours, and we’ve even seen promotional 5-hour jet cards. 

Luxury Aircraft Solutions launches 5-hour jet card

The Long Island-based charter broker launched its card program in 2016 with a starting point of jet 10 hours


The variety of jet cards continues to get wider and wider. While we have seen jet cards starting at 10 hours and $50,000 as starting points (excluding short-term promotion cards from Magellan Jets at $25,000), Luxury Aircraft Solutions, Inc. is now offering a jet card starting at just five hours. Programs such as Wheels Up and Jet Linx have pay as you go jet card options, but require a membership fee that isn’t applied to flight hours.