What’s happening at start-up Instajet?

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After saying in May it was dropping instant booking on-demand pricing and its fixed-rate Route Card, Instajet planned to offer full-day charter access on leased jets

U.K.-based private aviation start-up Instajet Club has been churning out innovative concepts to fly privately.

Instajet Club adds half-day charters to its JetAhead jet card

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After moving to a full-day private jet charter program, start-up Instajet Club is now offering a half-day charter option

U.K.-based Instajet Club, which pivoted from instant booking on-demand flights and fixed rates for routes, is now adding half-day charters to its recently launched JetAhead jet card.

InstaJet pivots to by-the-day charters

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Start-up Instajet is dropping instant on-demand pricing and guaranteed availability fixed-route pricing and now will offer by-the-day charter flights

Instajet is hoping its third try is the charm. After launching last year with on-demand instant pricing and then adding fixed-rate route pricing with guaranteed availability, the U.K.-based broker is stopping both offers. At the same time, it is launching a new by-the-day charter concept in the U.S.

Instajet adds cheap NY-Florida private jet flights from $8,000

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U.K.-start-up Instajet Club launches discounted private charter rates from New York to South Florida from $8,000 and NY-Los Angeles from $25,000

Private jet charter platform Instajet Club is bringing its fixed-route pricing to the U.S. It is offering a series of low-cost offerings on busy private jet routes. The first flights will begin by mid-January.

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