After moving to a full-day private jet charter program, start-up Instajet Club is now offering a half-day charter option

U.K.-based Instajet Club, which pivoted from instant booking on-demand flights and fixed rates for routes, is now adding half-day charters to its recently launched JetAhead jet card.

According to Founder and CEO Nick Davis, the new half-day program allows usage from morning until 12:20 pm or from afternoon until 7:30 pm in the evening.

Davis says, “Feedback from light jet program members that were early adopters asked for half day rates due to average sectors currently flying being 1.4 in light jets.”

The entry-level is 10 full days or 20 half days for $99,000.

Members then pay actual costs. The company says it is running around $2,200 per hour, plus landing fees, handling, and Federal Excise Tax.

Its first of two leased Citation jets will arrive this week, with a second coming in about three weeks.

Instajet had been outsourcing flights to “prove concept” up to now, according to Davis.

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