Instajet rolls out fixed-pricing in Europe; plans U.S. in 2022

Start-up private jet charter platform Instajet is adding a fixed-price membership covering 25 routes between 15 top private jet airports.

By Doug Gollan, November 24, 2021

Instajet Club, which launched earlier this Fall offering guaranteed dynamic pricing charter quotes, has added a membership program giving fixed pricing on busy private jet routes in Europe, from Moscow, Dubai, and Transatlantic.

The Route Card jet card requires a monthly fee of € 1,000 per month or € 10,000 per year. If you join on a monthly basis, leave, and want to rejoin, you need to wait 12 months.

Instajet Founder and CEO Nick Davis tells Private Jet Card Comparisons availability on the card is guaranteed with 72 hours’ notice. There are no blackouts.

“With our Route Card, we are bringing the market back to the core principle upon which we established the jet card: to provide frequent travelers with easy access to a range of quality private jets for their regular routes. Our aim is to free our customers from the delays, disruptions, and terms and conditions that are currently making private flying the antithesis of what it should be. We simply offer quality without compromise, fulfilling these flight requirements at the best pricing available anywhere,” says Davis.

London to Paris from by private jet from€ 5,000

Rates start at € 5,000 one-way between London and Paris on a very light jet ranging to € 14,000 for a large cabin aircraft.

The rates are for the full aircraft; there is no sharing, so you get all the seats, and you specify departure times.

Other routes include London to Geneva, Zurich, Cannes, and Nice; Nice to Geneva, Zurich, Milan and Rome, Barcelona and Madrid; and Paris to Cannes or Nice.

The mainland routes within Europe and London range from € 5,000 to € 20,000 each way, depending on jet size. There are six options: Very light, light, super light, midsize, super-midsize, and large. Super light includes the Citation Excel/XLS and Lear 60.

Additionally, there are also mid-and-long-haul routes, including Moscow to Zurich, Nice, London, or Dubai; London and Dubai; and London and New York.

Between London and New York starts at 60,000 euros each way. That’s $67,500 at current exchange rates.

Winter season routes include Paris, London, or Moscow to Sion or Chambery.

Davis says, “We are only doing high-density routes. We are buying up capacity time from the operators and we are buying aircraft and putting them with operators.”

To start, Instajet is using Paris as an operations hub. The CEO says this enables operators to run the aircraft efficiently.

“We’re not going to every little place. It lowers costs. It’s easier for the crews. They know they are going to be home at night,” he says.

Davis says Instajet will expand the Route Card for the U.S. early in 2022.

Instajet plans to acquire 6 large-cabin private jets

It is close to closing on six large-cabin Bombardier aircraft with the first U.S. routes planned to link Teterboro, the world’s busiest private jet airport, with high traffic airports in South Florida like Palm Beach and Miami-Opa Locka.

Davis says the Route Card has “always been part of the original plan” and sees the changes to jet card terms and policies in the U.S. as working to Instajet’s advantage.

The European network was launched with existing customers and was officially unveiled this morning at a Corporate Jet Investor Town Hall.

Flights are being serviced by aircraft that Instajet is chartering for extended periods for exclusive use. It is buying and adding aircraft that will be flown by its selected operators, says Davis.

InstaJet is now part of the Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of over 50 jet card providers.

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