16 reasons to use a private jet charter broker

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While jet cards, memberships, and fractional ownership programs are expanding, the old-fashioned private jet charter broker also serves a critical market

Even as the number of jet card and membership providers grows, I always tell subscribers a good private jet charter broker is like gold. Of course, the trick is finding a good one and also understanding where a good broker delivers the most value.

Six reasons not to buy a jet card

aircraft specific jet cards

While jet cards offer a myriad of benefits, they aren’t for everyone and aren’t necessarily a singular solution. Here’s why…

Jet cards are a tool of convenience. The ones that offer fixed or capped rates with guaranteed availability enable you to book flights in seconds and, at the same time, accurately budget how much you will be paying over the next 12 to 24 months.

Private jet broker, operator relationships strain ahead of a challenging summer

private jet at EBACE

Record demand and supply chain issues are setting up Summer 2022 to be a cruel one for some private jet flyers

Want a theme song for private jet travel this Summer? I’m thinking Bananarama’s 1983 hit Cruel Summer. It goes, “It’s a cruel, cruel summer…Leavin’ me here on my own.”

Private jet prices, call-outs, peak days for jet cards continue to increase

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Despite the hike in charter costs, fixed-rate jet membership programs still offer lower prices than on-demand private jet rentals

Jet card fixed/capped rate private jet charter prices continue to go up. The lead time to book is increasing, and there are more restrictive peak days. However, an analysis by Private Jet Card Comparisons shows private jet membership programs with fixed/capped hourly rates still aren’t keeping up with higher prices for on-demand charters.

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