XO provides shared flight update

XO shared flights

Vista Global’s XO says it flew over 5,800 passengers on 590 shared private jet flights so far in 2023

After announcing more scheduled by-the-seat private jet flights last year, Vista Global’s XO says it is seeing increased demand.

XO expands New York-South Florida by-the-seat scheduled flights

XO by the seat

Vista Global’s XO is making a significant move to expand its scheduled private jet flights between New York and South Florida airports

The by-the-seat, scheduled private jet flight market is getting a big boost from Vista Global’s XO. It comes as more affluent consumers are looking to avoid the airlines.

XO says shared private jet flights increased 93%


Vista Global’s XO says shared private jet flights increased 93%, while 62% of new requests with first-time private flyers

XO Global, a unit of Vista Global, says it set records in the first-half of 2022. Results were driven by more shared flights, new private jet flyers, and a younger demographic.

Surf Air sets limited Black Friday sale

Surf Air

Surf Air is offering limited discounts, including 20 flights for $6,900, or $345 per segment

Surf Air is having a Black Friday Sale with limited, discounted offers.

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