Vista Global’s XO says it flew over 5,800 passengers on 590 shared private jet flights so far in 2023

After announcing more scheduled by-the-seat private jet flights last year, Vista Global’s XO says it is seeing increased demand.

XO says it has flown 5,800 passengers on 590 flights, so an average of 9.8 passengers per shared flight.

Most of the flights are operated with reconfigured regional jets offering 16 to 18 seats

XO Shared Flights offers by-the-seat scheduled private jet routes between New York City and South Florida areas airports.

According to the email, “We are focused on improving on-time reliability, and we are already seeing significant positive results month over month. We are also working with our customers to ensure that the product we are offering exceeds expectations.”

The unit of Vista Global recently put a second CRJ of its own into service.

It also uses third-party operators.

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