How To Find Your True Hourly Rate When Choosing A Jet Card Program

Jet Card Membership Programs provide users convenience when they fly privately, but finding the true hourly rate you will be paying often takes a bit of work

You ask your assistant to go to a few private jet card membership websites and check out the hourly rates. She follows your instructions and puts them in a comparison chart for you. That was easy! Then you join. You get your first invoice, and shock, the prices you are paying have nothing to do with the rates on the website. It reminds you of that $29 per day car rental that ended up costing you $79. 

JET CARD INSIDER: At Wholesale Jet Club, Former Blue Star Jets’ Executive Steven Orfali Is Offering Innovative Programs

Wholesale Jet Club features memberships with a straight 3.5% markup from operator pricing


Wholesale Jet Club is a sister company of JetSet Group, both started by former Blue Star Jets executive Steven S. Orfali, however, they each have different business models, JetSet Group being a more typical broker program while Wholesale Jet Club provides both jet cards with guaranteed pricing and wholesale on-demand jet charter.

Airstream Jets, JetSet Group, And Wholesale Jet Club Added To Jet Card Comparisons

Private Jet Card Comparisons (PJCC) has added three more jet card providers to its independent guide to private jet card and prepaid block charter program providers. 

Wholesale Jet Club

Wholesale Jet Club is a sister company to JetSet Group, Inc. and focuses on offering a private jet card. It is also based in New York City and has the same CEO at JetSet Group, Inc.

Wholesale Jet Club Executive Overview

When was Wholesale Jet Club founded?

Who owns Wholesale Jet Club?

Who is the CEO of Wholesale Jet Club?
Steve Orfali

How are Wholesale Jet Club aircraft sourced?
Charter operators

What are Wholesale Jet Club’s initiation and membership fees?
Wholesale Jet Club jet cards do not have initiation or membership fees, however, it has additional program providing fixed fee mark ups that have additional fees.

What is Wholesale Jet Club’s entry-level program?
The 25-hour Light Jet  jet card program is $107,000, including FET

Does Wholesale Jet Club provide guaranteed availability?

Is the hourly rate guaranteed?

Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?

What is the company website?

Where is Wholesale Jet Club’s headquarters?
New York, NY

Wholesale Jet Club News

JET CARD INSIDER:  At Wholesale Jet Club, former Blue Star Jets executive Steven Orfali is offering innovative programs

Airstream Jets, JetSet Group, Wholesale Jet Club added to Private Jet Card Comparisons

Wholesale Jet Club is revolutionizing the private jet industry

Wholesale Jet Club CEO Steven Orfali discusses the benefits of flying in private jets

Scoop Radio talks to Wholesale Jet Club CEO Steven Orfali

Contact a Sales Executive at Wholesale Jet Club

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