Embraer’s Legacy 600, 650 and 650E have the largest total baggage volume of any large-cabin jet, and best of all, all of the baggage storage is accessible from the passenger cabin

So, how much luggage space is in a private jet? If you need lots of room, Embraer’s Legacy 600/650/650E series offers 27% more baggage storage than the next aircraft type – 286 cubic feet, based on data supplied by Conklin & de Decker. In second place is Gulfstream’s G V/500/550 models at 202 cubic feet. The third cluster at 195 cubic feet of storage is the Gulfstream 650/650E, Bombardier Global Express XRS/5000/6000 series with the base Global Express at 195 cubic feet of storage. In most luggage space at 169 cubic feet, the next grouping is the Gulfstream GIV/IVSP/450/350/300 and related series.

Choosing the right private jet for your trip sometimes comes down to how much baggage do you have. Still, when comparing private jets’ luggage capacity, it’s worth noting volume is generally reported in cubic feet, but you will find it split between internal and external storage. While external storage does not mean your luggage is being strapped to the wing, at least some storage areas are not accessible to the passenger cabin. Simultaneously, the internal volume doesn’t mean that the baggage will be in the passenger cabin with you. It simply means that the baggage area is accessible in-flight from the passenger cabin. Even with internal storage, the baggage is loaded through a separate door or hatch so you won’t be disturbed by having bags loaded or unloaded.

How do cubic feet compare to your actual luggage? XOJET, which offers the Legacy 650 as an on-demand charter option, says it can take 10 golf bags, nine suitcases, and six carry-on bags. If you have an odd size or oversize luggage, make sure you have measurements when you are talking to your broker or provider. It has to fit in either through a luggage hatch or the main cabin door. Also, think about weight. Aircraft not only have maximum limits, but weight also has to be balanced, so it’s important to allow the pros to figure out the logistics ahead of time.

Below is a comparison of over 45 large cabin private jets ranked by most luggage storage space.

Aircraft NameBaggage Volume Internal  (cubic. ft.)Baggage Volume External  (cubic ft.)Total Baggage Volume (cubic ft.)
Embraer Legacy 650286.000.00286.00
Embraer Legacy 650E286.000.00286.00
Embraer Legacy 600286.000.00286.00
Gulfstream G550226.000.00226.00
Gulfstream G V226.000.00226.00
Gulfstream G500 (Old Model)226.000.00226.00
Bombardier Challenger 850202.000.00202.00
Gulfstream G650ER195.000.00195.00
Gulfstream G650195.000.00195.00
Bombardier Global Express XRS195.000.00195.00
Bombardier Global 6000195.000.00195.00
Bombardier Global 5000195.000.00195.00
Bombardier Global Express190.000.00190.00
Gulfstream G450169.000.00169.00
Gulfstream G IVSP169.000.00169.00
Gulfstream G400169.000.00169.00
Gulfstream G IV169.000.00169.00
Gulfstream G350169.000.00169.00
Gulfstream G300169.000.00169.00
Gulfstream G II B157.000.00157.00
Gulfstream G II B Hushkit157.000.00157.00
Gulfstream G III157.000.00157.00
Gulfstream G III Hushkit157.000.00157.00
Gulfstream G II SP157.000.00157.00
Gulfstream G II SP Hushkit157.000.00157.00
Gulfstream G II157.000.00157.00
Gulfstream G II Hushkit157.000.00157.00
Dassault Falcon 8X140.000.00140.00
Dassault Falcon 7X140.000.00140.00
Dassault Falcon 2000LX131.000.00131.00
Dassault Falcon 2000EX131.000.00131.00
Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy131.000.00131.00
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS131.000.00131.00
Dassault Falcon 900LX127.000.00127.00
Dassault Falcon 900EX127.000.00127.00
Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy127.000.00127.00
Dassault Falcon 900DX127.000.00127.00
Dassault Falcon 900127.000.00127.00
Dassault Falcon 900B127.000.00127.00
Dassault Falcon 900C127.000.00127.00
Bombardier Challenger 604115.000.00115.00
Bombardier Challenger 605115.000.00115.00
Bombardier Challenger 650115.000.00115.00
Bombardier Challenger 601-3AER115.000.00115.00
Bombardier Challenger 601-3R115.000.00115.00
Bombardier Challenger 601-1A115.000.00115.00
Bombardier Challenger 601-3A115.000.00115.00
Bombardier Challenger 600115.000.00115.00
Source: Conklin & de Decker Associates, Inc., July 14, 2018. Seating is standard configuration, provided for guidance only and may vary by owner.


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