In Private Aviation, You Get What You Negotiate

In private aviation, you get what you negotiate with your jet card or fractional provider.

By Doug Gollan, April 23, 2017

Private Jet Card Comparisons was born as an independent buyer’s guide to help you figure out the complexities of private jet card and prepaid charter programs, enabling you to compare over 80 programs head-to-head over 65 points of difference. However, registering and reviewing our spreadsheets is just the start. In The Washington Post, a consultant explains that its up to the customer to negotiate. 

James Butler of Sharecraft Solutions discussed how he negotiates everything from the residual value (not an issue with jet cards) to minimum flight time, where jet providers will round up a 40-minute flight to 60 minutes or more.

Of private aviation, Butler says, “It’s a time machine…You can leave in the morning, fly directly to Aspen. Ski all afternoon, ski the next day, and ski the last day until 3 p.m. You can turn a three-day weekend into a five-day vacation compared with commercial travel.”

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One couple hired him for a fractional deal just so their dog could fly with them in the cabin. Read more…

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