Jet Linx launches private jet joint ownership program

By Doug Gollan, April 21, 2021

Aircraft management and jet card provider Jet Linx has launched a co-ownership program bridging the gap between whole aircraft ownership and traditional membership and fractional solutions

Jet Linx today announced the introduction of a Joint Ownership Program. The new solution makes aircraft ownership more accessible and affordable. It provides the benefits of owning a private jet but 50% of the cost.

Jet Linx Joint Ownership Program

Here’s how it works. Jet Linx identifies and purchases the aircraft, recruits, trains, and employs the pilots. It then provides complete management of the aircraft, inclusive of the hangar, fuel, insurance, and maintenance.

To reduce the operating expenses normally associated with private jet ownership, aircraft in the Jet Linx Joint Ownership Program also benefit from its buying power and scale as part of its nationwide fleet of 120 aircraft. According to an analysis of Argus data by Private Jet Card Comparisons, Jet Linx is the fifth largest for-hire provide of private jets.

Whenever an owner isn’t using their aircraft, Jet Linx generates revenue for the aircraft through its jet card membership program.

The Joint Ownership Program serves only two owners for each aircraft, unlike fractional shares, which have 16 owners. The jets are each locally at a Jet Linx private terminal and hangar to serve their owners.

“Our Joint Ownership Program clients actually fly on their own aircraft with their own pilots, offering a truly unique and outstanding service experience compared to the conventional fractional ownership model,” said Jamie Walker, Jet Linx’s CEO.

Selling Your Private Jet

In addition to sourcing and purchasing aircraft, Jet Linx facilitates the sale of an owner’s half-interest.

“We have seen a recent trend towards shared ownership, from both new buyers and existing aircraft owners, to reduce the capital outlay and carrying costs associated with whole aircraft ownership,” Walker said.

He added, “We’re thrilled to introduce a new and innovative solution that allows individuals and companies to experience the benefits of private jet ownership without the financial requirements of whole aircraft ownership. Our Joint Ownership Program leverages our extensive experience in whole aircraft ownership and management. It brings it to a much larger audience of prospective clients by removing half of the expense and risk of whole aircraft ownership while providing what’s been missing from traditional fractional jet ownership – the enjoyment of flying on your own aircraft with your own crew from a local private terminal and hangar.”

Jet Linx News

In March, Jet Linx announced its Complete Aircraft Transaction (CAT) program. It provides a full-service solution for purchasing, managing, and selling a private jet.

In 2020, it introduced two new jet cards. Its 90-day Affiliate Jet Card for those in need of a short-term private aviation solution for necessary travel. It also launched the Enterprise Jet Card, targeting businesses. The latter offers a WiFi guarantee and cuts lead time for reservations to 24 hours.

Jet Linx operates its private terminals in 19 markets. In recent years it added Austin, Boston, Chicago, and New York at Teterboro. Last year it opened in Minneapolis.

The concept is similar to Partners in Aviation, which matches co-owners, and then helps them find a management company.

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